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ROHM Introduces EMARMOUR Two-Channel, High-Speed Op Amp


ROHM developed the BD8758xY series (BD87581YG-C, BD87582YFVM-C) of rail-to-rail input/output high-speed CMOS op amps that feature improved EMI immunity for automotive and industrial equipment applications requiring high-speed sensing in harsh environments, such as vehicle engine control units and anomaly detection systems for factory automation equipment.

In recent years, advancements in electrification and mounting density have increased the amount of environmental noise in electric vehicles and cars equipped with ADAS. Generally, however, it is extremely difficult to carry out noise evaluation on individual boards and systems during automotive development since it must be performed after assembly. What’s more, some results require improvements such as large-scale EMI countermeasures to lower noise.

In response, ROHM released the EMARMOUR series in 2017 that have since been well received in the automotive and industrial markets due to their superior noise immunity that reduces design resources by combining a vertically integrated production system with proprietary analog design technology.

The EMARMOURTM series is designed to prevent malfunctions due to noise without the need to take special application measures. The latest BD8758xY series in particular has demonstrated superior performance under four international noise evaluation tests. For example, in ISO 11452-2 radio wave emission testing conducted by vehicle manufacturers, the output voltage of standard products fluctuates by more than ±300mV in all frequency bands, while the new BD8758xY series achieves ±10mV or less (one-thirty lower). At the same time, the CMOS element structure enables accurate, high-speed signal amplification – without being affected by external noise when installed inside the targeted sensor applications. This significantly improves reliability while reducing design production-hours in a wide range of applications, including anomaly detection systems.

In addition, ROHM Real Model, a new high accuracy SPICE model that matches the electrical and temperature characteristics of the actual IC and simulation values to prevent rework after prototyping, is available on ROHM’s website.


EMARMOUR is the brand name reserved by ROHM only for those products leveraging proprietary technologies covering layout, processes, and circuit design to achieve ultra-high noise immunity that minimizes output voltage fluctuation across the entire noise frequency band during noise evaluation testing under the international ISO 11452-2 standard. This unprecedented noise immunity both reduces design resources while improving reliability by solving issues related to noise in the development of a variety of systems.

Key Features

1. Breakthrough noise immunity reduces noise design resources considerably

Developed as part of the EMARMOURTM series of op amps, these newest models achieved unprecedented performance under four international noise evaluation tests (ISO 11452-2 Radio Wave Emission Test, ISO 11452-4 Bulk Current Injection Test, ISO 11452-9 Proximity Antenna Immunity Test, and IEC 62132-4 Direct RF Power Injection Test ) conducted in ROHM’s own anechoic chamber.

For example, in the ISO 11452-2 radio wave emission test, the output voltage of standard products can fluctuate by ±300mV or more across the entire noise frequency band, while ROHM’s latest products achieve unprecedented noise immunity that limits variation to less than ±10mV. This not only eliminates the need for countermeasures at each frequency (i.e. a total of 10 CR filter components for a 2ch op amp), but also reduces the noise design resources for sensors and other components that play an important role in the system, contributing to reduced application design effort and improved reliability.

2. High accuracy simulation model prevents rework after prototyping

ROHM Real Model’ is a new high accuracy SPICE model that utilizes original model-based technology to faithfully reproduce the electrical and temperature characteristics of the actual IC, resulting in a perfect match between the IC and simulation values. This ensures reliable verification, contributing to more efficient application development – for example by preventing rework after prototyping.

This SPICE model is now available on ROHM’s website.

Application Examples

Automotive-Grade EMARMOURTM Op Amp / Comparator Lineups

This series is qualified under the automotive reliability standard AEC-Q100, ensuring superior reliability while enable easy replacement of existing products sensitive to noise.

For other EMARMOURTM series products, please refer to the below URL.

Online Distributor Information

Target Product(s): Rail-to-Rail Input/Output High-Speed CMOS Op Amps (BD87581YG-C, BD87582YFVM-C)

Sales Launch Date: From April 2021

Online Distributors: Digi-key, Mouser, and Farnell


EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Immunity

A parameter indicating the degree of immunity to ambient noise. Noise generated in the environment can cause malfunction in systems with low EMI immunity, making it necessary to take protective measures such as incorporating filters (i.e. resistors/capacitors) or shields (metal plates).

Rail to Rail Input/Output

Refers to the ability to handle input/output signals over the supply voltage range that are not limited by signal processing.

Op Amps / Comparators

Op amps are often used to amplify minute signals, such as those output from sensors, to a voltage level that can be recognized by an MCU. In contrast, comparators output a High/Low signal after performing threshold judgment of the sensor output signal.

ROHM Real Model

A high accuracy simulation model that succeeds in achieving a perfect match between the actual IC and simulation values utilizing ROHM’s proprietary model-based technology.

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