Linux hosting has a huge benefit when one talks about pricing. This is because it is much economical as compared to Windows hosting. Which is why, it has become the go-to hosting solution for many small and medium businesses who want to get their websites up and running in no time. Industry analysts believe that the Linux is a favourite amongst small as well as medium businesses. Cost aside, analysts feel that there are many reasons it has earned a good reputation in this community. This article aims to tell you why you as an owner of a small-medium business choose Linux hosting to launch your new website. So, without beating around the bush, let’s get into the details.

1. Cost Effectiveness
Like we mentioned, the fact that Linux hosting is affordable puts it ahead of  most of its counterparts. With as little as $5-$10 a month, you can put you capital and operational costs on the back burner. Moreover, one can also manage enough space with Linux hosting service ever since you can store almost 40 GB of data.

2. Better Customisation
Linux hosting provides users with a control panel that helps them customize their websites. It acts as a tool to guide users and  manage a wide range of features such as uploading files, images as well as monitoring site statistics. If one compares it with other options to host their website, Linux has covered almost all aspects that need customization, right from managing FTP accounts to adding on domains.

3. Greater Efficiency
Disk space and bandwidth provided by the servers act as two of the most crucial aspects when it comes to web hosting. This is because it is the bandwidth that allows business owners to decide to run their businesses effectively. With Linux hosting, one can get enough bandwidth with options to add more resources to the website.

4. High Server Uptime
It is a myth that Linux hosting provides shaky server uptime. The truth is that it is mostly dependent on your hosting provider and the location of their data centers than the type of service itself. A high server uptime guarantees smooth running of your website without any hiccups.So, going ahead, we suggest that you choose a good hosting provider, giving atleast 98-99% uptime.

5. Security
With the growing rate of cybercrime, security becomes of prime essence. Linux hosting has pretty much countered this growing concern by allowing secure shell access (SSH) for its deployers. With SSH, business owners can be rest assured of their site’s security because it provides data encryption to protect you against hazards like data manipulation, DNS spoofing, IP address spoofing etc. Since it broadly covers many aspects of the site’s security, trusting Linux as a hosting service is easier.

4. Overall Performance
With the aforementioned factors, the overall performance of your site is bound to be better. As a thumb rule, you can expect some minor ups and downs in server uptime which are a given across the globe. But keeping that aside, Linux hosting facilitates a robust and a concrete hosting service for any and every small-medium business launching their website.

On the whole Linux hosting is a sound option when you as a business owner are looking to get online asap. Moreover, with reduced time-to-go-online, it becomes all the more easy for a business to reach their customers and interact with them. Unlike most other hosting services, Linux does not face unforeseen lows with respect to performance, which can become frustrating for your visitors. Fortunately, these experiences are not faced by most of the businesses that have deployed Linux hosting.

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