Excerpts from an exclusive conversation with Soumya Kanti Datta, IEEE Member and Co-Founder, Future Tech Lab, India on the emerging technologies Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

  1. Soumya Kanti Datta, IEEE Member and Co-Founder, Future Tech Lab, India

    What is the most exciting aspect about the future of AR/VR technology in autonomous vehicles?

    For me, the most exciting aspect will be an immersive VR experience while one commutes with an autonomous vehicle. For example, a person can experience a city from sci-fi movies.

  2. What do you think are the biggest barriers for the adoption of AR/ VR technology?I think there are many barriers. First of all, AR/VR experiences need additional hardware, software and apps. That means consumers need to invest in these to benefit from any AR/VR application. Secondly, there is a lack of awareness on where to find content, data consumption, consumer values. AR/VR companies need to educate the consumers to break the barriers.

    3. How do we address the concerns on affect of AR/VR can have on our bodies. Can consumers really cope   with this technology?As I mentioned before, the industry needs to educate the consumers that there would not be any harmful effect on our body. Many people now wear smartwatches or smart fitness bands. AR/VR gadgets will not be posing adverse effects. On the contrary, there are some healthcare use cases where use of such gadgets and apps are helping in recovery from ailments.

    4. Which trends in virtual and augmented reality are the most promising to look forward to?

    Exploring travel and holiday destinations is certainly one vertical to look forward to. Everyone now searches for destinations in the web. In near future, consumers will be able to get a feel of their dream cities through a VR app.

    5. Virtual and augmented reality already thrive in many businesses. How do they influence the working processes of companies?

    It is hard to comment but I must mention, VR/AR will disrupt many industries. For example, travel agencies, car renting companies would adopt or release their own VR apps to get more customers. So I believe, these companies will have to train their workforce and adopt working processes to benefit from these technologies.

    6. In which ways does your company/do you support companies to use augmented or virtual reality?

    My start-up Future Tech Lab (FTL) is creating a platform that would make development of AR/VR apps much faster. In this way my current and potential clients would be able to deploy such apps quickly to the market. Apart from that, we provide full-stack support, market research and marketing elements for AR/VR technolgies.

    7.  Any other inputs that you would like to add.

    Just one paragraph about FTL

    Future Tech Lab transforms customers legacy business processes, operations and assets into a truly digital platform. Our Paradise Platform provides secure, scalable and easy to use software solutions that power consumer centric Mobile Apps, AR/VR solutions, IoT, Smart City products and services. We provide “Prototype as a Service” and Consultancy on Digital Transformation, AR/VR, IoT and Smart City areas to shape our customer’s ideas into prototypes and then turn them into finished products.

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