If you’re up for a good mental test, try the EE-Sim Power Designer Challenge. It’s a crossword puzzle fit for even a New York Times crossword aficionado. The puzzle surveys your know-how in areas such as capacitance, transistor types, ripple plots, and much more.

Complete as much of the puzzle as you can by September 27 for a chance to win a Garmin fenix 5 watch. Get all of the challenge details and access to the crossword puzzle, and show Maxim what you know!

The crossword marks the launch of the revamped EE-Sim DC-DC Converter tool. While the tool continues to provide the accurate power circuit simulation results that you need, it is also much easier and faster to use, contributing to hours in design time savings. Casual users will find the tool to be intuitive. More advanced users can take advantage of functions such as recompensation, derating of capacitor values, and customization of simulations. There’s a lot of granularity in the tool’s reports, and users can also add annotations that make the schematics more useful particularly when shared with colleagues.

See how you fare with the crossword challenge, and check out the revamped EE-Sim DC-DC Converter tool!

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