Are your power supplies keeping pace as your function-rich electronic designs continue to get smaller?

Power Supplies
Bob Mammano

For tips and techniques on creating smaller, simpler, and cooler power designs, catch Maxim’s Power System Design Seminar. Bob Mammano, the father of the first switch-mode power supply, and Maxim’s technical experts present the three-part online video series.

Gain insights on:

  • Designing with 24V+ non-isolated DC-DC buck regulators
    • Switching regulators
    • Control algorithms in switching regulators
    • Synchronous switching regulators
    • Design of filter components
    • Layout considerations
  • Designing with 24+ isolated DC-DC power supplies
    • Eliminating optocouplers for isolated DC-DC designs
    • Practical design considerations for an iso-buck converter
    • Practical design considerations for a no-opto flyback converter
  • Protecting your power system design
    • System protection principles
    • Specifications of protection ICs

Watch at your own pace, choose specific modules to view, or catch the entire Power System Design Seminar to learn ways to address the challenges of designing power supplies for shrinking electronic products.

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