Hirose, a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative connector solutions, has developed a compact flexible printed circuit (FPC) connector that offers a super low-profile of only 0.5mm with a space-saving 0.25mm pitch and depth of only 3.15mm when locked. The FH64MA Series contributes to profile reduction in a variety of portable and consumer devices including active trackers, electronic labelers, laptops/tablets, portable audio players, portable gaming devices, smart/mobile phones, smart glasses, smart watches, and more.

The FH64MA Series of FPC connectors feature a back flip style actuator with a top contact. This unique user-friendly design features a mating guide for smooth FPC insertion. The mating guide easily aligns the FPC, even when inserted from a slanted upper direction or from an offset pitch, and correct FPC insertion can be checked via the FPC pattern.

The FH64MA Series also incorporates a metal lock mechanism, which allows for horizontal FPC insertion/withdrawal, and produces a clear tactile click that insures complete insertion. A sharp edge on the contact beam presses into the FPC stiffener, increasing retention force to 6.4N in horizontal direction. The FPC tab lock firmly holds the FPC in place until the actuator is locked.

The connector’s actuator is securely held in place during rotation. Each contact and metal locking tab supports actuator axles, even during rotation.

“Combining small size and lighter weight, the FH64MA Series connector is designed for consumer goods including the growing wearable electronics market. The FH64MA Series super low profile design matches the low profile of peripheral components, enabling the reduction of overall device thickness. In addition, the unique back flip and proprietary contact design produces high-FPC retention forces to ensure reliable operation even in low pin-count connectors,” said Rick van Weezel, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Hirose Electric USA.

The FH64MA Series is currently available in an 11-position version, with 7-position to 21-position versions under development. The connector meets halogen-free requirements and is RoHS compliant.

For additional information about the FH64MA Series FPC connectors, visit: https://www.hirose.com/product/en/products/FH64MA/

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