By Christine Young, Blogger, Maxim Integrated

Long battery life is a must if you want to provide a truly great user experience with your small, battery-powered products. However, extending battery life isn’t an easy task, especially when your product’s small form factor will only allow a small battery.

Many small, smart, and connected devices spend a lot of their time in shutdown mode. Medical patches are one example. These patches could be sitting on storeroom shelves for many months before they’re used by patients. While your product is on the shelf, you certainly won’t want the battery to have drained. And once a patient is wearing the patch, the patch will likely spend a lot of time in standby mode, waking now and then to perform some action, or transmit data to the cloud. Another example is a fitness tracker that wakes periodically to track exercise and send the related data into the cloud. When the user is sedentary, the tracker remains in sleep mode. Clearly, it’s important to find ways to improve the power savings while these types of devices are in passive mode.

The biggest contributor to a system’s standby power consumption is the power supply’s quiescent current (IQ). Standby current is becoming more important as sleep and hibernate functions consume extended periods of time. Lowering quiescent current has proven to be a great way to extend battery life.

To learn ways to lower quiescent current, attend Electronic Design’s free webinar at 2 p.m.  Eastern Daylight Time on Tuesday, May 23.  In “How to Know When It’s Time to Lower Your IQ,”you’ll learn how to overcome the design challenges of limited space and ultra-low-power operation. You’ll gain insights into nano Power ICs with ultra-low quiescent current (<1uA) that can extend battery life and also reduce the PCB size. They’re ideal for internet of things (IoT) applications, wearables, and other small, battery-powered products. Register today for the hour-long session and find out why having a low IQis a smart move.

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