Bi-directional switching; no contact oxidation over periods of non-use

Now available in Europe through TTI, Inc., the KILOVAC K1K is a high-performance, high-voltage, hermetically sealed contactor from TE Connectivity. The KIK is compact and lightweight and designed to handle up to 1000A/1000V in harsh and explosive environments.It is ideal for applications such as energy and battery storage,power distribution, alternative energy systems, test equipment and both military and commercial electric vehicles.

TE_Connectivity_K1K, TE ConnectivityThe KILOVAC K1K contactor is one of the smallest and lowest cost, hermetically sealed 1000A/1000V contactors available today.  It operates reliably without contact oxidation or contamination in the harshest environments, even after long periods of non-operation. The K1K is capable of bidirectional power switching at voltages from 5VDC to 1000VDC.

System design and operation flexibility are aided by the fact that the main contacts are not polarity sensitive, the device is bottom or buss bar mounted and incorporates an integrated dual-coil electronic ‘cut-throat’ economiser with internal suppression.

TE Connetivity KILOVAC K1K contactors are ideal for use as a main disconnect contactor for large battery banks, for carry and interrupt battery fault currents and other high current applications, power/motor control circuit isolation and circuit protection and safety.

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