ODG Launches Hazardous Location Certified Smartglasses for Heavy Industry


ODG (Osterhout Design Group) announced the release of a new edition in its family of smartglasses, R-7HL (“Hazardous Location”), a ruggedized enhancement of ODG’s existing R-7.

Customers will be able to order R-7HL for $3,500 beginning today at www.osterhoutgroup.com or from an ODG approved reseller via ODG’s ReticleConnect partner program. R-7HL will begin shipping by the end of the second quarter.

ODG, Hazardous Location Certified Smartglasses,  Heavy Industry
Hazardous Location Certified Smartglasses for Heavy Industry

” ODG built the R-7HL to answer the demands and needs of customers who operate in extreme environments,” said Ralph Osterhout, ODG CEO. “R-7HL brings a durable, hands-free, wearable computing platform to professionals in oil exploration and production, energy, mining, utilities, chemical production and pharmaceuticals and enables heads-up, hands-free checklists, guided assistance tools and manuals, remote assistance support, and the delivery of real time notifications and alerts. It keeps users safer and helps them be more efficient and will further help to change the way work is done.”

Users can be confident knowing R-7HL is built with reinforced and protective goggle-like eye housing; Military Standard 810G certification for drop, shock, vibration, low pressure and temperature extremes; and ANSI Z87.1 dustproof and splashproof certification. R-7HL’s specifications make it perfectly-suited for potentially dangerous settings in oil exploration and production, utilities, chemical production, airport refueling, and pharmaceuticals.

“As with the smartphone, the demand is there for robust and rugged devices that can aid productivity, but the benefit with smartglasses is that your hands are free and your head is up, bringing even greater efficiencies and safety protection,” said Mike Jude, Ph.D., Research Manager for Frost & Sullivan. “We have had the opportunity to review the ODG R-7 and were very impressed with its capabilities. The new R-7HL offers the R-7’s capabilities in a new hardened package perfect for extreme environments. ODG’s heritage in the space, and existing customer relationships, positions them well for continued success in bringing real value to the enterprise.”

For more information on the ODG R-7HL, including global certifications, visit www.osterhoutgroup.com/products-r7HL. Information on ODG’s complete portfolio of durable and rugged devices for business, along with accessory and where-to-purchase information, is available at www.osterhoutgroup.com/products. 

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