Now available in Europe through TTI, Inc., is a broad range of inductors for power lines from Murata covering a wide range of sizes from 1.6mm x 0.8mm up to 12mm square.

inductors for power lines, Murata, The devices are manufactured using multiple techniques including Metal Alloy wire wound construction techniques and Ferrite multilayer techniques. The components are ideally suited for many different applications including wearable devices, smartphones, automotive, industrial electronics, as well as on-board devices.

Metal Alloy type products (DFEC series, DFEG series, DFEH series, FD series, FC series) feature high current capability with soft current saturation. Ferrite Multilayer type components (LQM series) benefit from a low profile and small case sizes. Ferrite Wire Wound type devices feature a wide L lineup of 100µH or higher.

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