FX30B Series board-to-board connector meets the needs of the industrial, medical, telecommunication, and other markets…

Hirose has launched a versatile board-to-board connector system that combines specialized floating contact alignment with a high-current carrying capability up to 25Amps.

Hirose FX30B Series, Hirose Connecters
Part of the FunctionMAX connector family, FX30B Series has a unique contact design that can absorb misalignment up to +/- 0.3mm in the X and Y directions and +1.0mm in Z direction. This is particularly beneficial when multiple connectors are used on the same PCB, as the floating mechanism offers a degree of play between the contacts during mating to ensure correct and safe mating.

The FX30B Series contact design utilizes staggered spring contacts that face each other. This design offers sufficient contact deflection in limited space, high contact reliability, and low insertion force. Each facing pair of contacts has four points of contact for increased dependability. The facing contacts also have bent leads that provide increased insulation distance in comparison to traditional straight leads.

Available in coplanar, vertical and right angle versions to meet a wide range of application requirements, the FX30B Series is offered in 2, 3, 4, and 5 positions. The connector pitch is either 3.81mm or 7.62mm depending on Amperage rating requirements. Six keys around the mating face prevent reverse insertion.

“Optimized for high performance and functionality in a wide range of applications, the FX30B Series combines high-current carrying capability with a robust misalignment absorption design ideal when using multiple connectors. The multi-point contact offers superior contact reliability by employing an independent four-point contact spring, and generates low insertion / extraction force by employing a two-step contact timing sequence,” said Rick van Weezel, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Hirose Electric USA.

The FX30B Series is designed for use in medical devices, office imaging equipment, measurement equipment, industrial computer systems, broadcast equipment, base station transceivers, industrial machinery and many additional applications.

The FX30B Series connector is TÜV and UL certified. The power connector has a rated voltage of up to 250V AC/DC, contact resistance of 2 milliohm maximum, insulation resistance of 1000 Megaohm minimum, and an operating temperature of -55 degrees C to +105 degrees C.

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