METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to present a new live webinar entitled Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) on Thursday, March 30th, 2017. The English-language presentation, offered at three times to allow participation from around the globe, will cover DMA basics. It will also provide application examples where DMA has been used to determine the mechanical properties of viscoelastic materials as a function of temperature, frequency and amplitude.

DMA is a well-established thermal analysis technique. It can be used to determine both Young’s and shear modulus values and measure relaxation effects that often cannot be measured with differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). DMA is also used to measure damping characteristics, viscoelastic behavior, glass transition temperature and polymer structure/morphology for a wide range of materials including thermoplastics, composites and metals. Modulus values and glass transition temperature are particularly important when designing products that can be used safely for many years.

The presentation will conclude with a Q&A so attendees can have their most pressing application questions answered by METTLER TOLEDO experts.

Click here to register for the free presentation and to learn more about DMA’s ability to accurately characterize physical properties of viscoelastic materials.

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