connectorsStewart Connector, a Bel group company and world class supplier of RJ45 connectors used in Ethernet communications announces the series C-RJFTV which provides reliability and functionality that is necessary when Ethernet is utilised in harsh environment applications.

Stewart Connector’s high-performance RJ45 jack, coupled with a sealed D38999 IP 68 rated shell, allows the C-RJFTV connector uninterruptible connectivity in demanding environments. This unique design reduces the footprint to the market’s smallest size 17, transmitting 1G Base-T Ethernet. The C-RJFTV series is available in a variety of different mechanical shell configurations, materials, and plating options dependent upon the application’s requirements, as well as four possible keying configurations allowing for unique customization.  In addition, the C-RJFTV connector will come in a variety of lengths of pre-terminated cable assemblies.

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