Philips Lighting launches new LED trunking system


Retail and Industrial Spaces, Future-Proofed for IoT World

Maxos-fusion, Philips Lighting

New Philips LED trunking system allows easy integration with connected Philips LED lighting and sensors for retail, manufacturing, warehouses and distribution centers

New levels of scalability to achieve desired light effects and to integrate other Internet of Things technologies into one system
Retailers can customize their store ambiance and create the right light effect supporting their store concept

Philips Lighting launched its new LED lighting trunking system for retail and industrial spaces, Philips Maxos fusion. This connected-ready system helps make buildings future-proof by providing high quality LED lighting combined with the freedom to adjust light effects and to scale the system with additional Internet of Things technologies. The trunking system can be complemented with sensors that allow integrating retail and warehouse technologies such as cameras, beacons, audio, and scanners into one system.

Philips Maxos fusion offers a high degree of flexibility to mount and reposition LED lights anywhere along its mounting rail and is most suitable for retail, warehouses, food production areas, automotive applications and other industrial environments.

The new optical range gives near endless possibilities to illuminate spaces, delivering energy efficient light with less luminaires and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). LED luminaires can be moved and clicked in the mounting rail to highlight special promotions with accented spots or to light areas that demand long light lines to deliver high uniformity of light.

Hypermarket Auchan in Saint-Priest, France, is the first to install Philips Maxos fusion and to benefit from the freedom to complement their store layout with a customizable lighting design that gives options for the future.

Hypermarket Auchan in Saint-Priest, France

Dominique Forgues, Technical Director Auchan Retail France says: “With the new high quality LED luminaires and trunking system we can maximize the customer experience at Auchan by highlighting promotions or accentuating our merchandize and achieve more than 50% of energy savings. As Philips Maxos fusion is also a carrier of connectivity, we are keen to explore the future possibilities on adding digital services to support our omni-channel strategy.”

The Philips LED trunking system is easily integrated with connected LED lighting systems, such as Philips StoreWise to create dynamic lighting scenes. Another connected lighting option is Philips’ Indoor positioning, which is used to provide new location-based services to shoppers and retailers to improve the retail experience and sales. For warehouses, the connected Philips GreenWarehouse system enables energy savings by creating lighting zones to use light only where it is needed.

“We have a deep appreciation of customers’ needs having installed more than two million meters of trunking systems. Philips Maxos fusion arose from this and represents a future-proof backbone for repositioning luminaires, sensors and existing and future connected lighting systems. It’s ideal for precision lighting applications and value-added customer services for retail and industry,” says Paul Peeters, Business Leader Professional Lighting Europe at Philips Lighting.

Philips Maxos fusion is available in Europe from mid-February 2017. It is showcased amongst other pioneering lighting innovations at Euroshop 2017, the world’s leading trade fair for retail in Düsseldorf, Germany. Please visit our stand at Messe Düsseldorf, Hall 9.


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