Mouser Electronics, has announced that its first quarter business in Europe for 2017 has increased by more than 20 percent over the same quarter in the previous year. In 2016, the company’s global revenues exceeded $1 billion, with the EMEA region contributing just over $280 million — more than 25 percent of the company’s activity.

Speaking at the Embedded World Conference in Nuremburg, Germany, Mark Burr-Lonnon, Mouser’s Senior Vice President, EMEA, Asia and Global Service, commented, “I am pleased to say that in under 10 years we have successfully become a truly global company. It is especially gratifying that business is strong everywhere in Europe, showing that each country is playing a full part in a vibrant design scene. No single market sector dominates; but of course as the Internet of Things emerges into real applications — Industry 4.0, connected auto, smart home, wearables, remote metering, medical diagnostics — we see that it results in significant new designs. The maker movement is also growing in strength as it becomes affordable to produce prototypes using 3D printing and crowd-sourced expertise, which is turning into real business.”

Explaining why Mouser continues to expand at rates significantly higher than other distributors, Burr-Lonnon emphasized the importance of inventory: “Oddly enough not all stocking distributors actually stock quantities of parts in either breadth or depth. So having a large, freely available stock of the latest parts is crucial. And it’s not just the devices themselves designers need; they also require immediate access to development kits and reference designs, which we also offer.”

Mouser has also invested heavily in its infrastructure — both physical and online — to support and facilitate growth. The new warehouse is now fully online and further expansion phases are planned. The company’s website has also seen significant developments to make it more useful for designers looking for new parts.

Burr-Lonnon continued, “We aim to make our site very user friendly. We have introduced many different ways to search, including generically, by part number, by cross reference, by description and pictorially.”

To learn more about Mouser at Embedded World 2017, visit

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