Molex PowerLife Wireless Charging Coils Now at Mouser


Mouser Electronics is now stocking PowerLife wireless charging coils from Molex. The integrated wireless power coils with NuCurrent® technology feature an industry-leading thin design and the highest power transfer efficiency (Q-factor) of any wireless charging solution on the market today. 

Print_Molex Powerlife CoilsMolex PowerLife wireless power coils with NuCurrent technology Electronics, support low, high, and proprietary frequencies, including Qi and AirFuel (PMA). Traditional wire-wound coils require wider electrical tolerances and can be bulky or difficult to integrate, especially into products that require thin designs or are intended for use in harsh environments.

The high-efficiency PowerLife wireless power coils can withstand vibration, heat and humidity, and accommodate single or multiple frequencies in one assembly for reduced component count. The coils excel in transmitting power through air, wood, or any non-metallic surface, making them ideal for wireless charging furniture and phone cases.

Compact PowerLife wireless power coils provide an extremely tight electrical tolerance and low rate of field failures for a better product design, performance, and end-user experience. The devices’ high Q-factor results in lower heat generation and faster charging in a range of applications, including mobile phones, tablets, gaming systems, wearables and other consumer electronics, medical devices, furniture, and in-vehicle transmitters.

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