Budget 2017: Will act as a powerful growth engine for Robotics in India

By Mr. Pradeep David, General Manager, Universal Robots

Mr. Pradeep David, General Manager, Universal Robots
Mr. Pradeep David, GM, Universal Robots

“The budget plays well for our company as the Government is committed to ensuring Conducive labor environment / Legislative reform to simplify labor laws. We are the leading player globally providing collaborative robots (cobots)  technology to all levels of industry. Our Robots safely work alongside humans, without any danger of getting hurt, and more as a “worker’s assistant” or “third arm” or “helping hand” or “portable tool” which traditional industrial robots cannot be used as. Investment in the Electronics sector is sure to trigger an inspection and assembly related market for cobots after this announcement. Robotics in India has already made significant inroads in electronics assembly in the recent past and this announcement will be a powerful growth engine for Robotic companies. Apart from the investment the Government has announced in electronics, we would have liked to see some incentives for manufactures in their need to embrace Automation and Robotics to improve productivity & quality.”

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