TTI Stocks Murata‘s Inclinometers for demanding transportation applications


Excellent stability over temperature and time: suits hill start aids, electronic parking brakes, levelling instruments and 360degree vertical orientation measurement

TTI Inclinometers, MurataFour new series of Murata inclination sensors that boast the best shock durability on the MEMS market are now available in Europe at TTI, Inc., a world leading specialist distributor of electronic components.Murata Inclinometers help determine the 3D position of agriculture and construction equipment when operating in rough outdoor environments, as well as high accuracy levelling and inclination measurement instruments and platform levelling and stabilization applications. Murata inclination sensors combine high performance with excellent stability over temperature and time for extended product lifecycles.

The SCA830-D07 Series is a single axis inclinometer which integates high accuracy micromechanical acceleration sensing together with a digital SPI interface.

The SCA830-D07 Series is designed, manufactured and tested for the high stability, reliability and quality requirements of automotive applications such as hill start aids, electronic parking brakes, roll over detection and suspension control.

It boasts extensive self-diagnostic features and is qualified to AEC-Q-100 standard.  Supplied in a RoHS-compliant Dual Flat Lead (DFL) plastic package for guaranteed reliability over its lifetime, the SCA830-D07 is part of Murata’s digital accelerometer family and is fully compatible with Murata single axis accelerometers (SCA800 Series) and other multi axis accelerometers (SCA2100 Series and SCA3100 Series).

The Murata SCA103T Series is an analogue high performance differential 1-axis inclinometer which boasts exceptionally high accuracy, thanks to the use of differential measurement principles, which compensate all common mode error and noise effects.

Along with its robust design and small size (11.31mm high x 15.58mm long x 5.08mm high), the SCA`103T Series features -0.001º resolution (10Hz BW , analog output), 7μg/√Hz noise density and offset temperature dependency  of -25…85°C) ±0.002°/°C.  The SCA103T Series suits similar applications to the other Murata inclinometers, plus rotating laser levels.

The Murata SCA100T Series is a 3D-MEMS-based high-performance dual-axis inclinometer family that provides instrumentation grade performance for levelling applications. The measuring axes of the sensing elements are parallel to the mounting plane and orthogonal to each other. They feature measuring ranges of ±30° SCA100T-D01 and ± 90° SCA100T-D02 and 0.0035° resolution (10 Hz BW, analog output).

The SCA100T Series offers low temperature dependency, high resolution and low noise. As it features overdamped sensing elements, it is not affected by vibration and can also withstand mechanical shocks of up to 20000G. Suitable applications include heavy duty vehicles, 356degree vertical orientation measurement, platform levelling and stabilisation and construction levels.

The SCA61T Series 3D-MEMS-based single axis inclinometer that offers excellent stability over temperature and time. Low temperature dependency, high resolution and low noise together with robust sensing element design make the SCA61T ideal choice for leveling instruments. Noise density is 14μg/√Hz, and resolution (10Hz BW , analog output)and offset temperature dependency (-25…85°C) ±0.008°/°C.

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