TTI Stocks Phoenix Contact’s New AC vehicle connectors design line


Now available in Europe through TTI, are the new design line of AC vehicle connectors from Phoenix Contact

TTI AC Vehicle Connector PR Pic Jan 17

The components have been developed in accordance with the requirements of the automotive industry (LV 124 and LV 214). Just as the tried-and-tested handle design line, AC vehicle connectors rely on robust and high-quality materials as well as on a uniform plug design.

All international standards with type 1, type 2, and GB/T are available. Thanks to low insertion and withdrawal forces, the devices are easy and convenient to handle. A locking mechanism enables safe charging.

AC vehicle connectors are ideally suited for mobile charging cables with vehicle connector and infrastructure plug (charging case B – for the car trunk) as well as charging cables with vehicle connector and open cable end (charging case C – for the charging station or wall box).

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