Purkeys Provides Free Educational Videos for Training Technicians


For more than a year, Purkeys has used their website as a platform for providing fleet technicians with free electrical training videos and online seminars. This week, Larry Rambeaux uses a Purkeys multimeter to measure a circuit’s continuity, explaining that multimeter readings aren’t always as simple as they appear.

This video was one in a series of walk-throughs in multimeter training. Each video features various functions of a multimeter, and when technicians would need to use them. The training section on Purkeys.net boasts over 40 similar videos, ranging in length from a few minutes to over an hour. The videos and webinars cover battery maintenance, parasitic load, and even Ohm’s Law.

The company also sells products designed to help technicians get the most out of their equipment, including a unit specifically designed for multimeter training and experimentation. This Multimeter Training Unit (MTU) hooks up to any multimeter and simulates various electrical problems for realistic, hands-on training. Purkeys’ YouTube channel even hosts a playlist showing how to correctly use the MTU for technician training.

Free training videos for fleet technicians are part of Purkeys’ effort to provide a more complete understanding of electrical systems and solutions for the industry as a whole.

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