Fovio Unit to Exhibit Cutting Edge Automotive Tech at CES


FOVIO, the automotive unit of Seeing Machines Ltd. or SEE, announces FOVIO-powered Driver Monitoring System demonstrations at the 2017 CES Show in Las Vegas from 5th to 8th January.

Strong growth in demand for Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) is evident from the increase in the number of automotive manufacturers and suppliers showcasing DMS this year. The increased industry adoption is driven by the need for intelligent advanced driver assistance (ADAS) systems, including driver distraction and drowsiness protection, as well as needs in enhanced driver information systems and semi-autonomous vehicles.

Since its 2015 CES debut alongside Jaguar , interest in FOVIO DMS technology has growns ignificantly. Additional automotive OEMs and their suppliers showcasing FOVIO technology this year include Bosch, Takata, and Volkswagen.

  • Bosch’svehicle demonstrates new intelligent driver interaction capabilities made possible by FOVIO precision eye-gaze technology.
  • Takata demonstrates steering-wheel integrated FOVIO DMS, enablingenhanced safety features made possiblethrough understanding the state of the driver.
  • Volkswagen demonstrates a vehicle cockpit concept with integrated FOVIO DMS, using driver attention data for advanced driver information concepts.

Mike McAuliffe, CEO of FOVIO, noted: “We’re seeing a groundswell of demand from industry leaders for our leading-edge Driver Monitoring technology. Our partnerships at CES this year are a testament to the growing awareness of the importance of our technology for driver safety ADAS, secure automated driving technology, more intuitive information systems and next generation in-car human machine interfaces (HMI).”


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