At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Maxim is showcasing a variety of its technologies, including its integrated sensor platform for developing fitness/health wearables. The hSensor Platform, also known as MAXREFDES100#, integrates a biopotential analog front-end solution, a pulse oximeter and heart-rate sensor, two human body temperature sensors, a three-axis accelerometer, a 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope, and an absolute barometric pressure sensor.

Using this platform, you can simplify acquiring and processing inputs such as those from chest straps, ECG/EKG patches, wrist-worn devices, thermometers, disposable temperature patches, blood oxygen measurement meters, smart weigh scales, and bio authentication systems. The hSensor Platform has been named an EDN Hot 100 Product for 2016.

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Maxim hSensor Platform, also known as MAXREFDES100#

Designing wearables can be a lengthy, involved process. You’ve got to create a custom board with sensors that measure a variety of parameters on the human body. You need to develop custom hardware and firmware, and evaluate all of the components you want to include. Concept validation and prototyping come next, so you can ensure that your design will work in the field. Given that wearable fitness and health products are driven by relentless time-to-market pressures, you may find the time required to address all of these steps to be daunting.

Read this article about how today’s comprehensive reference designs can save development time and effort, and learn how the hSensor Platform in particular can shave off up to six months of development time.

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