Best in Class High-speed CAN-enabled Data Acquisition Modules Launched at SIAT India

ATI IP67-rated EMX™ modules now open to 3rd-party CAN decoding and user-defined messaging

EMX modulesAccurate Technologies Inc is expanding its range of EMX™ thermo and analogue data acquisition modules with the launch of high-speed CAN-enabled versions of the devices, which redefine the sector’s cost-per-channel ratio, offering best-in-class performance, user flexibility and functionality. The new EMX modules are launched this week at the SIAT 2017, the SAE Symposium on International Automotive Technology, held in Pune (Jan 18-21).

Standard versions of the EMX run a proprietary Instrumentation Communication Protocol but the new high-speed CAN-enabled units can be used with any one of the significant number of third party applications capable of decoding CAN messages, or in combination with ATI’s renowned VISION™ data acquisition software suite.

ATI’s high-speed CAN EMX modules incorporate advanced, powerful, user-definable technical features that are generally unavailable in competitor CAN DAQ hardware. These include the ability to automatically send defined messages on the CAN bus, while the EMX’s DSP filter settings and sensor power voltages can also be controlled over

CAN. This is all accomplished via ATI’s free Hardware Configuration utility which provides an intuitive user interface, making it easy to configure an entire DAQ network incorporating multiple EMX units.

“Increasingly with our vehicle manufacturer and tier one customers, we are seeing the need for: flexibility; the ability to work with a variety of technologies and platforms; and greater responsiveness to specific application requirements,” states Umesh Patel, CEO of ATI UK and India, “New hardware, such as the high-speed CAN EMX modules, has been designed from the ground up to include this flexibility, to directly meet the range of technical customer needs and to support their preferred processes for managing development. Our Bangalore offices which opened in 2013 with dedicated staff for training and applications engineering, are now influencing new product designs for Indian customer needs.”

Designed and manufactured exclusively at ATI’s plant in Michigan, the high-speed CAN-enabled EMX DAQ modules are available in thermo and analogue variants, or as a combination of channels and are offered in two compact and robust formats: the original B-chassis and a smaller A-chassis, featuring compact, water-tight, internal vibration-damped, aerospace-grade IP67-rated, hard-anodized billet aluminum housings.

The EMX modules all feature instrumentation-grade anti-aliasing hardware filters, analogue-to-digital conversion, software filters, and protocol convertors. EMX’s small size, protection rating and wide operating temperature range allow installation of the modules closer to the signal sources in rugged environments. All EMX modules are backed by ATI’s 3-year warranty.

“We are increasingly supplying customer applications beyond automotive, in sectors such as off-highway, marine, and trucking,” continues Patel. “These are challenges our technical sales team are able to meet using experience from hundreds of customer projects since our company foundation 25 years ago.”

Accurate Technologies is showcasing the EMX modules, as well as its wider range of ECU development systems, at stall #83 in the Industrial Expo during SIAT between January 18th and 21st.

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