Anritsu introduces Bluetooth 5 Test Solution on MT8852B platform


Test and measurement (T&M) company Anritsu Corporation said its RF testing set MT8852B will be supporting the latest Bluetooth 5 specification.

MT8852b_low-energy, Anritsu, RF test solutionBluetooth 5 adds higher data rate and longer range modes of operation to the existing Bluetooth Low Energy specification. 2 Mbps operation (2LE) doubles the data rate. Long range operation (BLR) employs a new coded transmission specification employing forward error correction to improve reliability.

The technology company said Bluetooth Test Set MT8852B instrument supports the Bluetooth standards with fast and easy measurement of Basic Rate, Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) and, Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

Engineers can take measurements including transmitted power, carrier frequency offset and drift, modulation characteristics and receiver sensitivity. Anritsu said that the MT8852B testing tool has widespread application in Bluetooth product development, verification and manufacturing.

The enhanced MT8852B testing solution will be available from February 2017.

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