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Zyxel provides frequent and timely updates in response to the latest security threats and advisories through – with their free online service portal. offers informative network security resources and the know-how to assist businesses and IT administrators in keeping their network operations safe in the digital age. Information and resources can be found with one click via the GUI of Zyxel USG Extreme and ZyWALL series products. This security cover can easily track the latest threats, and then proceed to walkthroughs and troubleshooting protocols with the help of easy-to-follow FAQs – all provided to help users secure their networks and simplify management of our UTM products.


Zyxel USG Advanced Series delivers high-access quality to help businesses satisfy the demand for always-online communications. For internal deployments, the USG Advanced Series provides active-passive High-Availability (HA) service to support device or connection failover. With Device HA Pro service, the USG Advanced Series also supports instant failover, so connections are always maintained when a failover event occurs.

For external deployments, the USG Advanced Series features multi-WAN load balancing/failover and a comprehensive mobile broadband USB modem support list for WAN backup operations. The Advanced Series also supports IPSec load balancing and failover, providing additional resilience for mission-critical VPN failover with VTI Interface deployments.

Zyxel USG Advanced Series thoroughly protects networks with industry-leading firewall, Anti-Malware/Virus, Anti-spam, Content Filtering, IDP, and Application Intelligence functionality. Regulate unauthorized use of Web applications over your network, such as Facebook, Google apps, and Netflix, among others.

Zyxel security measures are enhanced with SSL Inspection, blocking threats hidden in SSL-encrypted connections while facilitating deeper policy enforcement. Furthermore, newly improved Content Filtering 2.0 enhances HTTPS Domain Filter, Browser Safe Search, and Geo IP Blocking for an array of security enhancements to ensure clean Web connections.

Technology Highlights:

Multi-WAN & Mobile broadband:
The Zyxel USG Extreme Series provides non-stop Internet uptime with multi-WAN and mobile broadband support. Multi-WAN works with two or more Ethernet WAN connections for active-active WAN load balancing or active-passive failover. Comprehensive mobile broadband USB modems are also supported for WAN backup.

SSL Inspection:
SSL inspection enables the Zyxel Extreme Series to provide not only comprehensive security, but also deeper policy enforcement. It enables the USG’s application intelligence, IDP, content filtering and anti-virus to inspect traffic in SSL encrypted connections and block threats that usually go unseen.

Unified Security Policy:
Unified security policy offers object-based management and a unified configuration interface for firewall and all security-related policies. Users can easily apply all policy criteria to every UTM feature, reduce configuration time, and get more streamlined policy management.

Robust VPN:
Zyxel USGs support high-throughput IPSec, L2TP over IPSec and SSL VPN for a wide range of site-to-client and site-to-site VPN deployments. Reinforced with the advanced SHA-2 authentication, the Zyxel USGs provide the most secure Policy-based and route-based VPN for business communications.

Zyxel One Network Utility:
The ZON utility features smart functions to assist network management for administrators to perform batch firmware upgrade for devices, remote reboot of devices such as ceiling APs or redirect to device GUI for further configuration with just a click. These troublesome but necessary management tasks can now be easily done through just one platform for Wi-Fi APs, switches and gateways.

PCI-DSS Compliance:
The Zyxel USG Series conforms to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which is a global cardholder data security standard influential to a very broad group of businesses. The PCI DSS Compliance applies to all entities such as merchants, card issuers, processors, and service providers involve in payment card processing tasks like validation, transmission and storage of cardholder data

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