unnamedON Semiconductor has been granted Trusted Test status for its Pocatello, Idaho facility through the Department of Defense’s (DoD)’s Defense MicroElectronics Activity (DMEA) accreditation program. The award adds to ON Semiconductor’s existing Trusted Foundry, Trusted Design and Trusted Broker accreditations and improves overall program efficiency for Trusted projects resulting in important customer benefits, including improved cycle time and reduced program costs.

Trusted Test Accreditation expands ON Semiconductor’s commitment to the Trusted process flow, from design through product shipment, providing more control over Trusted supply chains.  Combined with its Trusted Design and Trusted Foundry services, customers can also benefit from the company’s Trusted Broker status where it will manage part or all of the complex Trusted services.

“The addition of Trusted Test Accreditation further demonstrates the high quality and security of our facility, processes and products,” said Vince Hopkin, senior vice president, Digital and DC/DC division at ON Semiconductor. “Combined with previously awarded Trusted Foundry, Design and Broker accreditations, it allows us to offer improved project execution at reduced costs for new Trusted programs.”

The accreditation program is part of the DoD’s strategy to ensure that electronic components used in U.S. military and national security applications are trustworthy and secure.  An assured “chain of custody”, supply chain integrity, and prevention of tampering are critical for Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) used by national security agencies.  A key part of the Trusted Foundry program is that it uniquely provides the US Government with guaranteed access to leading edge trusted microelectronics services for low volume applications.  ON Semiconductor’s accreditation further demonstrates their investment in, and commitment to, meeting these stringent government requirements.

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