New Application Note from Vishay

Vishay’s App Note Highlights Advantages of WSL Power Metal Strip Resistors for Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries

Vishat InterTEchVishay Intertechnology today introduced a new application note — “Intelligent Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries and Power Metal Strip Resistors” — that explores the challenges in assuring high performance from intelligent Li-ion rechargeable batteries, and how those challenges can be addressed with the company’s WSL Power Metal Strip current sense resistors.

Due to their high energy density, high output voltage, and long cycle life, there is a growing demand for intelligent Li-ion rechargeable batteries in notebook PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other portable electronics. In these applications, accurate charge measurement is essential to limiting charging stresses and maintaining battery health during rapid charging.

The application note introduced today discusses the characteristics required of current sense resistors to ensure accurate and repeatable battery charging levels, and how WSL Power Metal Strip devices deliver these specifications to enable precise and stable current measurement across the entire temperature and power range.

The application note is available at

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