ETAP and Noida Power Company Limited (NPCL) have deployed and successfully commissioned one of the largest smart grid projects in India using ETAP’s model-based advance distribution management system (ADMS).

Based on NPCL’s smart grid initiative, the transformation of the electric utility system is part of the “smart grid vision and roadmap for India”, introduced several years ago.

With rapid customer growth and an increased demand for new substations and distribution network, NPCL made the decision in 2015 to implement ETAP ADMS to improve network reliability, performance, and response to customers. The utility serves what it describes as a “demanding” industrial, commercial, and residential customer base of 71,000.

“NPCL is very proud [of] the successful go-live of ETAP SCADA system and eagerly awaiting deployment of the latest version [with] enhanced functionality to meet the overall requirements,” said RC Agrawal, CEO, NPCL.

“NPCL and ETAP joined hands together to meet the unique requirements of NPCL’s automation and operational needs. The persistence and strong alignment between NPCL and ETAP helped in achieving this critical milestone despite project implementation challenges.”

ETAP’s overall project scope offers NPCL a smart grid solution which includes:

  • IEC 61850 oriented substation automation
  • Integrated functionality of SCADA, DMS and OMS
  • Open and scalable smart grid functionalities and distribution network applications
  • Integrated network modelling, planning and distribution analysis
  • Intelligent monitoring, control, automation, decision support system
  • Intelligent model-based solution with geospatial information system (GIS) integration and electrical power system simulation capabilities

“Implementation of DMS and OMS enables NPCL to embark [on] its journey towards smart grid implementation in the country where automation of every minute requirement has been taken care through business process-oriented implementation,” added Praveen Goyal, general manager and head of automation, NPCL.

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