hirose-ps4-series-pr-imageHirose, a leader in the development of innovative connector solutions, has introduced a floating busbar connector with plug-in mating to simplify assembly, maintenance and expansion. Supporting up to 300 Amps, the PS4 Series connector has a floating contact alignment that can absorb mounting misalignment of up to 2mm in the XY direction to ease installation in data centers, power distribution units, storage battery systems, uninterrupted power supplies and more.

Plug-in mating not only reduces assembly and maintenance time, but also increases safety and reliability. Plug-in mating eliminates the need for the installer to touch the conductor, while ensuring a rugged connection regardless of the installer’s skillset.

With a compact design applicable to 1U size, the high current PS4 Series busbar is available in 150 Amp and 300 Amp versions. The 150 Amp PS4 is designed for use with a busbar thickness of 3.175mm (0.125 inches), while the 300 Amp version supports a busbar thickness of 6.35mm (0.25 inches). The high current rating is supported by reducing the contact resistance via a larger contact area and multiple contact points. This design also decreases heat generation caused by current flow, which increases performance and operational life.

“The compact PS4 Series connector has a unique design that makes installation easy by allowing it to float to the most appropriate mating position where it aligns with the busbar,” said Rick van Weezel, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Hirose Electric USA. 

The PS4 Series’ patent pending mating design allows for connector float in the XY direction, then locks in place after full engagement with the busbar.

For additional information about the PS4 Series connectors, visit: https://www.hirose.com/product/en/products/PS4/The PS4 Series connector has a rated voltage of 600 V AC/DC and an operating temperature of -40 degrees C to +105 degrees C.

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