Expanding the range of drones with the “DV WING”


DRONE VOLT, the French professional drone manufacturer is launching the “DV WING”. This flying wing drone is dedicated to precision agriculture and construction work and will enrich the company’s range of professional drones.

The French drone market for precision agriculture and mapping is estimated at around 50 million Euros out to 2025, according to Global management consultancy, Oliver Wyman.

“DV WING”: a flying wing for agriculture and mapping.

“DV WING” is a fixed-wing unit equipped with an 18.2 MP sensor and uses algorithms enabling it to obtain aerial imagery and accurate data for missions such as photogrammetry, map analysis for farming areas and forests, and measurements for road construction…

dronevolt-300x225The data it collects can be used by farmers to establish accurate diagnostics for the treatment of crops and the management of pesticide use. The “DV WING” can also be used by quarry and mining operators to measure volumes.

Compact and very light at just 940 grams, the “DV WING” is easy to use and can be launched by hand. It has enough battery power for autonomous flight times of 85 minutes and the on-board sensor is capable of capturing very high resolution images. The solution is capable of generating highly accurate ortho-photos.

Markets with high potential for growth

The survey conducted by Oliver Wyman (March 2016) projects a figure of 50 million Euros by 2025 for the French precision agriculture and mapping market.

On a global scale, the market potential for commercial drones servicing infrastructure, agriculture and mining operations is estimated wt $81.0 billion* between now and 2020 (source: PwC Survey – May 2016).

Technical specifications:

    • Flight time: around 85 minutes
    • Size: 90cm wingspan
    • Equipped with an 18.2 MP high resolution camera
    • Stabilisation system
    • Radio range between 2 and 3 km
    • Weight: 940 grams
    • Speed: 50 km/h
    • Available: December 2016

“The DRONE VOLT FACTORY product range was missing a fixed wing model; the “DV WING” supplements

our offering in a promising growth market”, says Dimitri Batsis, Chairman of DRONE VOLT.

* annual value of services and man-power likely to be replaced by drones

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