LED lighting news| scigazette.comEnabling noise suppression in smaller and lighter power supplies with frequencies from 10 MHz to 100 MHz, Taiyo Yuden has added to its chip bead inductor FB series M. FBMH4532MM182PT (4.5 x 3.2 x 3.2 mm) is a noise suppression component for power-supply lines that carry a large current, such as AC-DC converters for home LED lighting.

The FB series M type chip bead inductors have a unique internal structure, which is optimized to have an impedance peak in the frequency range between 10–100 MHz. Impedance is 1,800 Ω at a frequency of 10 MHz and 10,000 Ω at a frequency of 30 MHz. This chip bead inductor is aimed at suppressing noise in power-supply lines at a frequency range from 10–100 MHz, which is a disadvantage seen with conventional inductors. To suppress noise in this frequency range, the makers say, AC line filters or common mode choke coils have traditionally been used. These inductors offer a solution for reducing size and weight in AC-DC converters.

Taiyo Yuden; www.taiyo-yuden.com

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