ON Semi reveals new intelligent power module at Electronica 2016

Integrated Solutions for Power Management and Control 


New two-in-one 600 V PFC + inverter intelligent power modules (IPMs) for 3-phase motor drive simplify and speed implementation, time-to-market

stk57fu394age-hires, ON SemiON Semiconductor has launched new intelligent power module (IPM) technologies for industrial power management and motor control applications.

Reinforcing the company’s position as a leading supplier of IPMs, the company’s new STK57FU394AG-E (15A) and STK5MFU3C1A-E (30A) are advanced 600 V IPMs that integrate a power factor correction (PFC) converter, three-phase inverter output stage, pre-drive circuitry and protection in a single, compact package. High levels of integration help to reduce part count and board space compared to discrete designs in applications that include motor control, inverter control and HVAC systems. Microcontroller-compatible low-voltage input and status outputs support further component and space reduction by eliminating the need for photocouplers between a host micro and the IPM.

The devices feature built-in cross conduction prevention, which reduces the possibility of system malfunctions caused by noise, and over-current protection for both the inverter and PFC section. Under-voltage lock-out ensures IGBT gate shutdown in the event of abnormal conditions. The devices are certified to UL1557 and offer an externally accessible embedded thermistor for high-precision monitoring of the temperature of the insulated metal substrate.

Sungil Yong, director of IPMs for the high power division at ON Semiconductor states: “Our advanced packaging and integration capabilities allow ON Semiconductor to deliver high-performance, efficient and compact power devices that address industry requirements to reduce BoMs and drive PCB real estate requirements. The STK57FU394AG-E and STK5MFU3C1A-E deliver the power density, functionality and reliability demanded by next-generation inverter-based systems.”

At Electronica 2016, the company’s 400 square meter booth will feature a variety of technologies and demonstrations covering power management and motor control, including an 800 W motor driver system solution featuring the STK5Q4U3xxJ compact IPM and NCP1631 interleaved PFC controller. The solution also utilizes ON Semiconductor’s NCP1063 AC-DC regulator for the auxiliary power supply and sensing using NCS20034 quad op-amps.

The NIS5020 and NIS5132 eFuse devices will be also be on display, demonstrating advantages over conventional PTC and other surge protection and inrush limiting technologies offering features such as 10 µs fault response time, over voltage clamp, thermal shutdown and adjustable current limit. In addition, in a classic double pulse test setup, the best-in-class performance of the NGTB40N120FL3 1200V/40Amp IGBT, accompanied by the FFSH40120ADN 1200V/40Amp SiC diode will be demonstrated.

Visitors to the ON Semiconductor booth will also have the opportunity to see smart passive sensor and DC-DC point of load demonstrations, test the ON Semiconductor online design and simulation tools, and view new innovations in automotive applications and solutions for the IoT.

Packaging and Pricing

The STK57FU394AG-E is offered in a 56 mm x 25.8 mm SIP2A package and priced at $7.40 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities. The STK5MFU3C1A-E is offered in a 70 mm x 30.1 mm SIP3B package and priced at $12.30 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities. The new IPMs are available today and two evaluation boards can also be ordered, the STK57FU394AGGEVB and STK5MFU3C1AGEVB, which are recommended for designers who want to evaluate the devices in detail.  Visit the website for more detailed product information about ON Semiconductor’s IPM solutions.

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