LETI CEO Marie Sameria to give kickoff keynote at IEDM 2016


Speech to Portray Key Role Nonprofit Research and Technology Organizations Play in Making Technology More Efficient and Ensuring Safety and Security

LETI LOGOLeti CEO Marie Semeria will present an opening-day keynote at IEDM 2016, one of the high-tech industry’s most prestigious annual events, on the topic of “Symbiotic Low-Power, Smart and Secure Technologies in the Age of Hyperconnectivity”.

The Dec. 5 presentation at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square is one of 13 papers Leti will present during the Dec. 3-7 conference.

Semeria will give an assessment of a rapidly evolving world where “hyperconnectivity” driven by the Internet of Things – guided by a “human-centered research approach and symbiotic development strategies” – herald profound changes in the way individuals relate to each other and to the physical world.

She will present a comprehensive view of ubiquitous connectivity’s vast potential to bring positive change for individuals, society, companies and governments. Semeria envisions a world in which a human-centered research approach combined with symbiotic development strategies “along different technological axes will foster key innovations that address societal challenges with strong impact.”

Click here for a complete list of Leti presentations and panels during IEDM 2016.

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