hirose-ev2-series-pr-imageHirose, a leader in the development of innovative connector solutions, has developed a fully shielded high current connector capable of supporting up to 200A.

The waterproof connector is IP68 / IPX9K rated, offering resistance to dust, dirt, water, oil and other fluids that could damage the connector. The EV2 Series has a space-saving staggered flange design that allows reduced pitch spacing and makes it suitable for a wide range of applications including construction equipment, energy storage systems, inverters, manufacturing equipment and power generation equipment.

The EV2 Series utilizes commercially available cable lug, eliminating the need for special tools. The vibration resistant design has a contact spring that secures the contact against the conductor while the plug is fastened to the chassis by a bolt. Ideal for harsh environments, the design eliminates the tendency for bolts loosening over time, a common occurrence with terminal blocks. As a result, the EV2 Series not only simplifies installation, but also reduces field maintenance.

“The EV2 Series was designed as a cost-effective, more reliable alternative to terminal blocks in higher power applications. In addition to a space saving design, the EV2 Series significantly decreases installation and maintenance time and costs. With an advanced, patent pending shielding design, the EV2 also offers superior EMI protection,” said Rick van Weezel, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Hirose Electric USA.

The EV2 Series has an operating temperature range of -40 degree C to +105 degree C, a contact resistance of 0.5 milliohms maximum at 1A, and an insulation resistance of 1000 Megaohms maximum at 500VDC. The connector has a rated voltage of 800VAC/DC, rated current up to 200A, and a withstanding voltage rating of 4260VAC.

For additional information about the EV2 Series connectors, visit: https://www.hirose.com/product/en/products/EV2/

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