Harwin’s Spring Contact Development Kit for design engineers at Electroncica

Enables designers to develop optimum solutions for shielding, grounding, signal line transfer and general electrical applications


harwin-dev-kitHarwin announces the launch of its new Spring Contact Development Kit for electronic design engineers and design houses. Harwin Spring Contacts are single contact, surface mount PCB devices with multiple uses including general electrical connection, antenna feeds and providing grounding, signal line transfer and shielding against EMI noise and static. Part of its well-known EZ-Boardware product line, Harwin’s comprehensive Spring Contact range includes multi-directional contacts suitable for both vertical and horizontal actions, plus low profile and positive stop models. Harwin Spring Contacts feature protected tips to prevent hooking and are supplied on tape and reel packaging for automated application using standard placement equipment.

The new Harwin Spring Contact Development Kit enables designers to develop the optimum solution for their particular application. Typical uses include motion control units, mobile power units, environmental monitoring equipment, broadcast and communications equipment, IOT, industrial control and smart phone antennas. The development kit contains sixteen strips of Harwin Spring Contacts of different styles and sizes. Over thirty different styles of SMT Spring Contacts are available, with free heights range from 1.23mm high to 7.25mm (0.89mm to 6.35mm working height). The contact design ensures positive contact with the mating surface and is suitable for both wiping and sliding action. Devices are RoHS compliant. As the devices in the Harwin Spring Contact Development Kit are used, replacements can be obtained free of charge.

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