ds495speArtesyn Embedded Technologies announced a new front-end bulk power supply that provides up to 495 watts in a form factor that is significantly shorter than that of similarly rated earlier-generation power supplies – conserving highly valuable system space.

The DS495SPE extends Artesyn’s DS family of power supplies to now provide a consistent and scalable form/fit/function from 495 W up to 2 kW total output power, designed for deployment in networking, storage and server applications.

Artesyn has implemented advanced power switching technology and high density component packaging techniques while providing Platinum level efficiency, peaking at up to 94 percent.

The DS495SPE generates a main payload output of 12 Vdc for feeding downstream dc-dc converters in systems using distributed power architectures, together with a 12 Vdc standby output rated at 3 A for power management circuitry. With a continuous output of 495 W and a wide input voltage of 90 to 264 Vac, the DS495SPE is housed in 1U high rack-mounting enclosure measuring just 3.4 x 7.7 inches (86.3 x 196.5 mm).

This power supply is fully digital and compatible with Artesyn’s universal PMBus graphical user interface, enabling control via an integral I2C interface using the industry-standard PMBus communications protocol.

The main DC output of the DS495SPE can deliver up to 41.25 A with active current sharing to maximize cost-effectiveness by eliminating the need for additional components when paralleling multiple power supplies for high current applications.

This power supply is hot-pluggable and features active power factor correction. The DS495SPE has RoHS certification with Class A + 6 dB margin conducted/radiated EMI, can be delivered with standard (forward) or reverse airflow configuration and comes with Artesyn’s two-year warranty.

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