Wolfspeed Wins 2016 ECN IMPACT Award


Wolfspeed, A Cree Company has won the 2016 ECN IMPACT Award in the Passive Components and Discrete Semiconductors category for its CAS325M12HM2 high performance, 1200V, 325A, 62mm SiC half-bridge module.


Bestowed by Electronic Component News (ECN), a global trade publication that has been a trusted provider of product information, news, and editorial relevant to the electronic design community for more than 50 years, ECN IMPACT Awards honor excellence in engineering and groundbreaking innovation by recognizing top products and services in 17 categories that span the design engineering landscape.

Released to market in May of this year, Wolfspeed’s CAS325M12HM2 high-performance 62mm module enables unprecedented efficiency and power density for high current power electronics, including: converters/inverters, motor drives, industrial electronics, and high performance electric vehicle systems. Configured in a half-bridge topology with seven 1.2kV 25mΩ C2M SiC MOSFETs and six 1.2kV 50A Z-Rec® Schottky diodes per switch position, the module allows systems designers to realize lighter weight systems that are up to 67% smaller, achieving efficiencies of over 98%, and up to 10 times higher power density compared to systems built with silicon-based technologies.

Compared to conventional silicon IGBT power modules, and even previous generations of SiC MOSFET modules, Wolfspeed’s CAS325M12HM2 module offers significantly higher power density for applications in which volume and weight are critical limitations. Its ability to operate at a higher switching frequency without any compromise in system efficiency enables a reduction in both the number and size of magnetic and passive components required for the balance of the system. Additionally, its superior thermal characteristics, combined with SiC-optimized packaging design and materials, allow the module to operate at 175°C, which is a key advantage for many industrial, aerospace, and automotive applications. Enabling faster switching speeds, higher frequency operation, and ultra-low losses, this module design is also the industry’s most optimized package, allowing end users to achieve the unique benefits of SiC technology, specifically a 66% reduction in module inductance: 5.5nH compared to competitive power products’ 15nH.

“Winning an ECN IMPACT Award for the year’s top product introduction in the passive components and discrete semiconductors category is a significant tribute to the ground-breaking innovation and engineering excellence that we strive for as a company,” said John Palmour, Wolfspeed’s chief technology officer. “Our high-performance 62mm SiC half-bridge module, which was the first fully qualified commercial power product released by Wolfspeed’s Fayetteville operation, represents a new generation of all-SiC power modules that — by enabling unprecedented efficiency and power density for high current power electronics — will meaningfully contribute to the continued advancement of the power electronics industry.”

“ECN has a legacy heavily steeped in recognizing the best products on the market for engineers and companies, and the tradition continues today in print and online,” said Janine Mooney, the editorial director of Advantage Media’s Design Engineering Group and the editor in chief of both ECN and Wireless Design & Development. “The 2016 ECN IMPACT Awards are the culmination of a Product Technology Awards history stretching back 60 years, and seek to honor ingenuity and creativity among companies large and small who are making a difference in the industry and in the lives of engineers.”

This year’s ECN IMPACT Award Winners were announced in a live online event on October 13, 2016. To watch the on-demand version of the 2016 ECN IMPACT awards, please visit www.ecnmag.com/2016ECNImpactWinners. For more information about the awards, please visit www.ecnawards.com.

For more information about Wolfspeed’s CAS325M12HM2 high performance, 1200V, 325A, 62mm SiC half-bridge module and its associated gate driver, the CGD15HB62LP, please visit http://www.wolfspeed.com/cas325m12hm2. For all other inquiries about Wolfspeed power products, please visit http://www.wolfspeed.com/power/products.

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