161013tecatTECAT Performance Systems  will be highlighting its WISER 4000 wireless torque measuring and monitoring system at the 2016 Permian Basin International Oil Show (PBIOS), being held Oct. 18-20 in Odessa, Texas. In booth D123, TECAT will provide live demonstrations of the system in applications for the petroleum industry, including a torque/turn monitoring systems for drilling rigs.

At PBIOS, TECAT will display its WISER sensor technology in a pigging solution for older pipelines. The pig utilizes a magnetometer sensor small enough to pass through pipes to identify valve locations, while WISER accelerometer data accurately identifies weld seams. TECAT will also demonstrate a cost-effective torque/turn monitoring system created by adapting its WISER sensor technology to a load cell for force measurement. The solution can be used on existing hydraulic chain tongs in drilling rigs to reduce costs and improve measurement accuracy.

“The challenge for today’s oil companies is to reduce production costs with minimal investment and an immediate return,” said Don Keating, vice president, new business development, at TECAT Performance Systems. “Our wireless sensor technology has already been proven in several energy-related applications — including pigging and torque/turn monitoring systems. We look forward to meeting with technicians and engineers at PBIOS to show them how it can help them improve operational efficiency and cut overhead expenses, while meeting calls for improved safety.”

TECAT’s WISER systems are the smallest, lightest, and most power-efficient solutions available for the measurement of torque, acceleration, pressure, temperature, distance, and magnetization. The WISER 4000 comprises three subsystems. The remote unit consists of the data capture electronics connected to Micro-Measurements strain gages, a transceiver, and a long-life battery. Custom-built remote enclosures are available to protect the remote unit and battery from damage due to debris. The base unit plugs directly into a PC’s USB port and houses an antenna, transceiver, and up to four analog outputs. The WISER Data Viewer software is used for system configuration and calibration, live monitoring, and data logging. The WISER 4000 enables positive and negative shunt calibration with two independent shunt calibration legs using 100 kΩ resistors.

In addition to measuring torque, the WISER 4000 has the optional ability to measure 3-axis acceleration, barometric pressure, and ambient temperature, all within a small footprint measuring 36 mm x 23 mm x 4 mm. On-board data logging with triggering capability allows high-resolution data to be collected on the remote unit without PC or DAQ connectivity, while remote flash enables firmware upgrades without requiring removal of the system from the unit under test.

Every even-numbered year, PBIOS brings together people from every phase of the petroleum industry. Leaders come to Odessa from every corner of the world to learn about the latest technology and the newest equipment. More information on the show is available at http://www.pboilshow.org/.

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