Tektronix P7700 Probes Win 2016 ECN Impact Award

TriMode Oscilloscope Probes Offer the Highest Probe Fidelity and Most Innovative Connector and Accessory Designs in the Industry


Tektronix unveils new logo, marking the most significant change in its visual identity in 24 years.The legacy Tektronix logo has been refashioned, with the angle incorporated within the logotype as an upwards gesture of progress. The sans-serif type is given character by subtly clipping the 'T' letterforms, echoing the blue angle. Simple, definitive lines reflect our promise of performance.Tektronix announced today that its P7700 Series TriMode™ probes have been named a winner in the 2016 ECN Impact Awards in the category of Test & Measurement. Electronic Component News (ECN) is a global trade publication providing product information, news, and editorial to the electronic design community for more than 50 years. This year’s winners represent organizations across 17 categories that have shown excellence in engineering through electronic design and groundbreaking innovation.

“Probes are often an overlooked part of the test and measurement equation, but as this recognition from ECN indicates, there is plenty of room for innovation,” said Chris Witt, general manager, Time Domain Business Unit, Tektronix. “The P7700 probes address challenges engineers face every day with a low noise, high impedance signal acquisition system able to probe in tight spaces. We are proud of the mechanical and engineering innovations in the P7700 series.”

Tektronix P7700 ProbesThe P7700 Series TriMode™ probes provide the highest probe fidelity available for real-time oscilloscopes. In addition, with connectivity innovations such as solder down tips with the probe’s input buffer mounted only a few millimeters from the end of the tip, the P7700 series probes provide unmatched usability for connecting to challenging electronic designs.

For quick measurements, the P7700 series browser accessory provides a simple to use option. With precision-engineered tips that are easy to see and position accurately, the P77BRWSR accessory is ideal for probing fine pitch components and differential traces with spacing as narrow as 0.2 mm (.008 in). Spacing is easily adjustable using a convenient thumb wheel and an LED headlight on the tip enhances visibility of the probe point.

ECN has a legacy heavily steeped in recognizing the best products on the market for engineers and companies, and the tradition continues today in print and online. The 2016 ECN IMPACT Awards are the culmination of a Product Technology Awards history stretching back 60 years. Honoring a rich tradition of highlighting design engineering excellence, the ECN IMPACT Awards recognize the top products and services across the design engineering landscape. The competition seeks to honor ingenuity and creativity among companies large and small who are making a difference in the industry and in the lives of engineers.

This year’s ECN IMPACT Award Winners were announced in a live online event, hosted at ecnmag.com on October 13, 2016. To watch the on-demand version of the 2016 ECN IMPACT awards, visit www.ecnmag.com/2016ECNImpactWinners.

To learn more about the ECN IMPACT Awards, go to ecnawards.com.

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