Mouser Electronics is now stocking LUXEON Stylist Series LEDs with FreshFocus Technology from Lumileds. FreshFocus Technology showcases food displays in their freshest and most appealing state while using less energy and generating less heat. The technology is part of the LUXEON Stylist Series, Lumileds’ transformative line of LEDs designed to provide the perfect lighting environment to sell products in fashion retail stores, fresh food markets, and restaurants.

print_lumileds-luxeon-series-leds-with-fresh-focus-technologyLumileds LUXEON Stylist Series LEDs with FreshFocus Technology, available from Mouser Electronics, enhances the appearance and sale of different food types through spectra engineering. The LEDs are designed to replace traditional halogen and incandescent lighting to help store designers bring out reds for greater visual appeal to meat, increase the appeal of bread and pastries, exhibit the most natural and attractive fish, and emphasize the “just-picked” appearance of fruits and vegetables. The LEDs provide up to four times’ lower thermal resistance than similar products, which allows for smaller heatsinks and higher lumens.

Stylist Series LEDs with FreshFocus Technology are free of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light, which keeps merchandise fresher longer and prevents meat discoloration. The LEDs are offered as omnidirectional, spotlight and downlight lighting solutions on the LUXEON CoB 1208 and 1211 arrays to power lights in the 2000 – 4500 lumen range with up to 110 lm/W efficacy.

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