IEEE to Exhibit Latest Tech Developments in Micro/Nanoelectronics at IEDM 2016


For more than six decades, the annual IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) has been the world’s largest and most influential forum for technologists to unveil breakthroughs in transistors and related micro/nanoelectronics devices.

The 62nd annual IEDM will be held in San Francisco December 3 – 7, 2016, beginning with a weekend program of 90-minute tutorials and all-day Short Courses taught by industry leaders and world experts in their respective technical disciplines. These weekend events will precede a technical program of some 220 papers and a rich offering of other events including thought-provoking plenary talks, spirited evening panels, special focus sessions on topics of great interest, IEEE awards and an event for entrepreneurs sponsored by IEDM and IEEE Women in Engineering. Also, this year for the first time ever there will be supplier exhibits.

Here are some of the noteworthy events that will take place at this year’s IEDM:

Special Focus Sessions

  • Quantum Computing
  • System-Level Impact of Power Devices
  • Ultra-High-Speed Electronics
  • Wearable Electronics and Internet of Things

90-Minute Tutorials – Saturday, Dec. 3

A program of 90-minute tutorial sessions on emerging technologies will be presented by experts in the fields, bridging the gap between textbook-level knowledge and leading-edge current research. Advance registration is recommended.

  • The Struggle to Keep Scaling BEOL, and What We Can Do Next, Dr. Rod Augur, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
  • Electronic Circuits and Architectures for Neuromorphic Computing Platforms, Prof. Giacomo Indiveri, Univ. of Zurich and ETH Zurich
  • Physical Characterization of Advanced Devices, Prof. Robert Wallace, Univ. Texas at Dallas
  • Present and Future of FEOL Reliability—from Dielectric Trap Properties to Reliable Circuit Operation, Dr. Ben Kaczer, Principal Scientist, imec
  • Spinelectronics: From Basic Phenomena to Magnetoresistive Memory (MRAM) Applications, Dr. Bernard Dieny, Chief Scientist, Spintec CEA
  • Embedded Systems and Innovative Technologies for IoT Applications, Dr. Ali Keshavarzi, Vice President of R&D, Cypress Semiconductor

Short Courses – Sunday, Dec. 4

The Short Courses provide the opportunity to learn about important areas and developments, and to benefit from direct contact with experts. Advance registration is recommended.

  • Technology Options at the 5-Nanometer Node, organized by An Steegen and Dan Mocuta of imec (Sr. Vice President of Technology Development/Director of Logic Device and Integration, respectively)
  • Design/Technology Enablers for Computing Applications, organized by John Chen, Vice President of Technology and Foundry Management, NVIDIA

Plenary Presentations – Monday, Dec. 5

  • Technology Scaling Challenges and Opportunities of Memory Devices, Seok-Hee Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of DRAM Product and Technology, Hynix
  • Brain-Inspired Computing, Dharmendra S. Modha, IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist for Brain-Inspired Computing, IBM
  • Symbiotic Low-Power, Smart and Secure Technologies in the Age of Hyperconnectivity, Marie-Noëlle Semeria, CEO, Leti

Luncheon Talk – Tuesday, Dec. 6

The IEDM luncheon presentation will be given by Prof. Roberto Cingolani from the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), Genoa, Italy who will speak on “Translating Evolution Into Technology: From Biochemical Robots to Autonomous Anthropomorphic Machines.” As the scientific director of IIT, Prof. Cingolani oversees its mission to advance science through projects and discoveries oriented to applications in specific technology areas, including robotics, neuroscience, nanotechnology, and computer vision.

Evening Panel Session – Tuesday evening, Dec. 6

The IEDM offers attendees two evening sessions featuring debates on important industry topics. Audience participation is encouraged to foster an open and vigorous exchange of ideas.

  • How Will the Semiconductor Industry Change to Enable 50 Billion Connected Devices? Moderator: Prof. Aaron Thean, University of Singapore
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Neuromorphic and Machine Learning, Moderator: Marc Duranton, Sr. Member of the Embedded Computing Lab, CEA

Entrepreneurs Lunch – Wednesday, Dec. 7

Jointly sponsored by IEDM and IEEE Women in Engineering, the Entrepreneurs Lunch will feature Vamsee Pamula, co-founder of Baebies, Inc. a company developing digital microfluidics technology for newborn screening and pediatric testing. Pamula co-founded Baebies in 2014, following the sale of a predecessor microfluidics company that he also co-founded – Advanced Liquid Logic – to Illumina, Inc. Vamsee has years of experience with digital microfluidics. He has served as Principal Investigator on several National Institutes of Health-funded projects, and has led many talks and published more than 60 articles, five book chapters and a book on the topic. He has more than 200 issued and pending patents, a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Duke University, and also serves as Adjunct Professor there.

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