Hirose Develpos Industry’s Smallest Hybrid Board-To-FPC Connector

Incredibly low-profile, hybrid power and signal connector delivers high transmission speeds for portable consumer, IoT, medical and point-of-sale electronic devices...


Hirose, a leader in the development of innovative connector solutions, has developed a miniature board-to-flexible printed circuit (FPC) connector designed for battery pack connections in mobile devices. With a space-saving design that includes a 0.35mm pitch, stacking height of only 0.6mm, and depth of 1.5mm, the low-profile BM29 Series is the smallest hybrid board-to-FPC connector on the market. The smaller and narrower connector offers design flexibility and enables the miniaturization of portables devices in a wide range of industries

The hybrid BM29 Series connector is rated up to 3 Amps per pin for power contacts and 0.3 Amp per pin for signal contacts. Currently available in a 2-position version, with 6-position and 10-position models under development, the BM29 Series meets the power and signal transition needs for a variety of handheld consumer, inventory control, IoT, medical, point of sale, and other wireless equipment.

A highly reliable two-point contact design combined with a robust metal lock provides a mating force that is resistant to intense vibration and drop impact. This positive locking mechanism ensures secure mating with a clear tactile click. The BM29 Series connector also utilizes a metal guide that prevents housing damage due to incorrect mating. The metal guide design ensures that if the header and the receptacle should be mated incorrectly, the metal hold-downs dissipate the force and prevents housing damage.

Offering simple and easy mating operation, the BM29 Series utilizes guide ribs that provide self-alignment up to 0.3mm in the X direction and 0.24mm in the Y direction.

“Our ultra-compact BM29 Series hybrid board-to-FPC connector features a sleek design that minimizes the occupied mounting area in comparison with comparable connectors on the market,” said Rick van Weezel, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Hirose Electric USA. “Designed for mobile device connectivity, the BM29 Series connector combines miniaturization with ruggedness to meet our customers’ next generation designs.”

This space saving connector is suitable for vacuum pick & place equipment.

The BM29 Series connector has a rated voltage of 30 V AC/DC, power contact resistance of 30 milliohms maximum, signal contact resistance of 100 milliohms maximum, insulation resistance of 1000 Megaohms minimum, and an operating temperature of -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C.

For additional information about the BM29 Series connectors, visit: http://www.hirose.com/product/en/products/BM29

For additional information on Hirose, go to www.hirose.com/us

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