gamesaGamesa, leading renewable energy provider in the country, has now endorsed its commitment towards renewable energy by adding an educational institution to its portfolio of clients. The Lawrence School, Lovedale in Ooty in Collaboration with Jay Jay Mills, Tirupur will now have an array of 30 kW rooftop solar facility designed and installed by Gamesa. The low carbon building program enables individual buildings to generate their own power.

Taking renewable energy beyond corporates, this initiative will sensitize students about the need for renewable energy options and how the school community can be part of innovative solutions that can be devised to tackle our climate challenges.

Typically featuring large flat open terraces, educational institutions are often ideal candidates for rooftop solar installations. Not only do these buildings offer the potential to leverage solar power to the fullest, they also provide an opportunity to tutor students in a practical manner the many advantages of engaging and implementing renewable energy technologies.

Expressing his views on the project, Mr. K.V. Sajay, Executive Vice President, Solar Business Unit, Gamesa India said, “The last few years have been particularly exciting for the renewable energy sector and we have witnessed increased participation from all stakeholders, private and public, to develop this sector. This project will help us engage with young, enthusiastic citizens of tomorrow and demonstrate to them in a practical manner how renewable energy will play a vital role in shaping a better and sustainable future.”

Commenting on the project, Ms. Sangita Chima, Headmistress, The Lawrence School, Lovedale, Ooty said, “It is indeed an exciting win-win partnership for us. This project helps us conserve electricity in addition to fuel bill savings made by using electricity generated on-site. At Lovedale, our students are learning and seeking real world solutions by actually understanding how solar energy is captured to generate electricity.”

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