Fujitsu Launches an AI-based Enterprise Chatbot Service


Fujitsu today announced the development of an AI-based
enterprise chatbot(1) service, FUJITSU Financial Services Solution Finplex Robot
Agent Platform, which will be offered initially in Japan from January 2017, with
plans for future availability in other markets.

The Finplex Robot Agent Platform enables support for automated product sales or
customer assistance via a robot. The robot, which has knowledge gained through
machine learning, offers support by conversing in a chat format with users of a
messaging tool. By enabling customers to self-manage the machine learning process,
which had up to now been considered a “black box” that contained machine learning
that employed learning data or script development, it has become possible to have
effective and efficient learning, at low cost.

This service uses the Fujitsu Human Centric AI Zinnrai(2) artificial intelligence
technology, and is currently undergoing a trial in an early deployment at Sony
Bank Inc. The service is being offered to financial institutions as a Finplex(3)
financial services solution and will gradually be made available globally, with
expansion over time to customers in a variety of fields beyond the financial
services industry.

In recent years, as a way of quickly obtaining required information from scattered
data, instead of installing a specialized application for each respective service,
chat-type messaging tools used on a daily basis are becoming more prevalent. With
financial services, in particular, there is a growing need to obtain information
through chat services given demand from the segment of users who normally use chat
as a communications tool, and because up until now this industry has been slow to
adopt such services due to high time and psychological hurdles. In light of these
market trends, Fujitsu has now developed the Finplex Robot Agent Platform chatbot

With the Finplex Robot Agent Platform, the set of functions needed to develop a
chatbot service are provided through the FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc,
Fujitsu’s digital business platform.

1. Messaging function that enables chat interface
An instant messaging feature is provided that represents the chat-style dialogue
interface. Fujitsu plans to use task-oriented dialogue technology(4) from Fujitsu
Laboratories for this feature.

2. Thesaurus editing feature for managing training data
A thesaurus editing feature is provided for data learned by machine that is uploaded
and managed (adding, deleting, and editing). With this feature, customers themselves
can freely control the level of machine learning. (Patent Pending)

3. Script editing feature for generating service scenarios
A script editing feature is provided that enables services to be built when needed
to provide through a chatbot. This feature makes it easy for customers to generate
and edit service scenarios on their own, enabling the quick launch of chatbot

4. API Gateway for communicating with existing chatbot tools
An API Gateway is provided that makes it easy to enable compatibility with chatbot
tools provided by other companies. This makes it possible for customers to use the
messenger applications they are already deploying.

Figure: Schematic Overview of the Finplex Robot Agent Platform Feature
Figure: Schematic Overview of the Finplex Robot Agent Platform Feature

By providing services that use messaging tools to financial service users, services
can be used anywhere and at any time, and service providers can approach markets
(customer segments) that they were not able to reach before.

In addition, in previous robot machine learning, the usual process was for engineers
to analyze data provided by customers. However, with Finplex Robot Agent Platform,
customers can now self-manage the machine learning process, enabling them to
effectively control the robots at low cost.

Future Plans
Fujitsu will accelerate the expansion of the features of the Finplex Robot Agent
Platform, link them with services from Fujitsu’s insights, customers in the financial
services industry, and from Fintech startup companies, and work to maximize value for
customers and the financial services industry as a whole.

It is currently undergoing trial at Sony Bank Inc. to improve customer convenience.

In the future, rather than confining it to the financial services industry, Fujitsu
will gradually expand the chatbot service globally and to customers in a variety of
industries as a service platform for all industries and types of business.

Under the slogan, “Knowledge Integration for Big Change,” Fujitsu will continue to
leverage the knowledge it has accumulated with customers and partners to deliver new
value to customers.

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