The two-day international conference on ‘Aerospace electronics, Electrical, Communications and Instrumentation’ began at V. R. Siddhartha Engineering College on Saturday. Professor in BITS(Pilani) B. Yegnanarayana gave the keynote address.

He delved on key areas of research in aerospace communications system such as machine learning, human intelligence, digital signal processing, web-enabled services, voice-enabled services and audio data searching authenticity. Former BEL Chairman V.V.R. Sastry explained the development of microprocessor boards, strategic management and development of wireless secured networks. He asked engineers to apply their knowledge in practical innovative systems. Padmasri B.L. Deekshitulu, retired director, NRSA, Hyderabad, explained digital imaging technology, remote sensing, using solar energy to propel space ships, laser beams project to transfer data from spaceship to earth, and Mars experiment to transfer photographs to earth.

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