Alibaba develops new VR payment technology


Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is at the forefront of new technology and has announced the development of (VR) Virtual Reality payment technology.The new technology enables Alipay users with VR sets to pay using only a gesture. The gesture can be either a nod or a stare, People’s Daily Online reported.

This technology was showed at the 2016 Computing Conference in Hangzhou, China by Ant Financial, an Alibaba affiliate.

Previously, VR sets would only be used to showcase the product and orders had to be placed after removing the set. But this technology will enable customers to continue shopping without the need to remove their head sets.

Alipay, according to the report, also features facial recognition, which it plans to bring it to use by the end of 2016, along with VR payment technology

Meanwhile, Alipay has also developed facial eyeprint recognition technology that reportedly has an accuracy of 99.5 per cent.

These new Alipay VR payment technology will enable users to drop the practise of using mobile applications or codes in order to go ahead and complete a purchase order.

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