Zyxel’s Next-Gen PCI DSS Compliant Secure Payment Network


‘Complete threat protection, seamless firewall gateway solutions compliant with all PCI DSS conditions’

zyxel_logotaglineZyxel’s complete threat protection provides a seamless firewall gateway solution to comply with all PCI DSS conditions, making individuals business no longer need to worry about fulfilling complex compliances criteria.

Zyxel’s Security solutions provide powerful real-time protection that ensures service continuity, best CP performance and improves network control. The Zyxel Security safeguards any organization’s customer and company records, intellectual property and critical resources from external and internal threats that vary from minute to minute.

There are many types of advanced security threats out there and each is driven by differing motives, whether they are hacktivists, cyber-spies, or malicious insiders. Add to this list, the cyber-criminals who seek their illicit fortunes through theft or extortion. They look to steal money, obtain information, or hijack computing resources for their own financial gain. That’s why it’s important to use standardized security procedures and technologies to prevent theft of credit card information and cardholder data. Becoming PCI-compliant is a critical first step to implementing baseline security practices.

PCI Diagram
PCI Diagram

PCI DSS is a payment card industry data security standard, which ensures safe handling of online card payment data. Zyxel offers a gateway solution for PCI DSS compliance, providing a secure online payment environment.

Zyxel takes into account common network deployment scenarios and associated scoping issues, such as the point-of-sale terminals wherein the cardholder data enters the network. It is worth noting the sheer volume of private data — payment, credit card, and personal information — that is involved in such transactions. As the business is a key participant in payment card transactions, it is imperative that such businesses use standard security procedures and technologies to thwart theft of cardholder data, from the end-point to the

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