First time in the history of the world only Indian team to participate and be a part of top 3 matters of great pride for India

teamindus_02Team Indus is one of the top 3 and only team from India in contention for the Google Lunar XPRIZE (GLXP), a worldwide competition challenging innovators and entrepreneurs to develop low-cost methods of robotic space exploration.

TeamIndus recently launched Lab2Moon, a competition to challenge the brightest young minds globally to think beyond our planet and create an experiment to fly on board the TeamIndus spacecraft to the Moon in 2017. This will mark the first opportunity for a non-government experiment to fly to the moon since 1976. As part of Lab2Moon, youngsters between 14 and 25 years have to imagine, design and build a project that would catalyze the evolution of mankind as a sustainable multi-planetary species. Lab2Moon will look for experiments in sustainable living that will have benefits both on earth and beyond. Lab2Moon seeks to challenge students to come up with unique experiments for their projects – which could range from investigating how seeds can grow in space through to examining new possibilities in renewable energy.

About GLXP:
GLXP started in 2007 with 30 teams from across the globe. Over the course of the competition 14 have dropped off. Team Indus is going strong and is among the top three teams in contention. Especially since winning the “landing” milestone prize that demonstrates the hardware and software capability to support a soft-landing on the very challenging lunar surface. The landing is one of the most toughest parts of the whole competition and Team Indus, along with two others, were the only ones to do it successfully.

The aim of the project, very simply is:

  • Build a rover,
  • Send it to the moon
  • Have it travel 500 meters on the moon
  • Send high quality pictures

Of course, the teams all have to do it in-house, with less than 10% government space agency assistance and by the end of December 2017. TeamIndus is among the top three teams after winning one of the milestone prizes for “landing” in early Jan 2015 and is excited to put India on par with global counterparts in the field of space exploration. The end date is December 2017. The first team to do it wins the $30 million prize.

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