Space-Saving Back Flip FPC Connector From Hirose


Connectors that offer design flexibility for high-speed applications
Hirose, a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative connector solutions, has launched a compact flexible printed circuit (FPC) connector that supports USB 3.0, Embedded Display Port ver1.3 and MIPI D-PHY ver1.1 standards. The FH58 family of FPC connectors features a back flip style actuator that utilizes a dual-sided FPC. This unique design offers many benefits including PCB space-savings, excellent impedance characteristics and high-speed transmission. The back flip style actuator and dual-sided contact design also provide high-retention forces and reliability required in a wide range of consumer, medical, point-of-sale and other portable electronic applications.

The compact FH58Series FPC connectors have a 0.2mm pitch, mounted depth of 3.1mm and a height of 0.9mm. Combining small size and lightweight ‑ the FH58 Series weighs only 0.046g – making the FPC connector ideal for the growing wearable electronics market.

The FH58 Series The dual-sided contact design employs a bottom contact spring to provide high reliability and signal continuity. This dual contact construction, along with the retention spring, delivers a retention force of 15.0 N for the top contact and 14.5N for the bottom contact.

“Hirose’s unique back flip and proprietary contact design produces high-FPC retention forces even in low pin-count connectors. The FH58 Series delivers up to 2.5 times more FPC retention force than similar products currently on the market,” said Rick van Weezel, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Hirose Electric USA.

The FH58 Series is available in 31, 35, 41 and 51 positions. The connector meets halogen-free requirements and is RoHS compliant.

The high-speed FH58 Series is well suited for portable electronics that require high-speed transmission, including smart phones, cameras & video recorders, notebooks & tablets, DVD & Blu-ray players, portable music players, handheld gaming systems, and medical devices.

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