Solar Farms with Superior Returns Seeking Partners


The key to making the most on your investment is having the right information at the right time. When it comes to Solar Farms in the US, the right information and right time is before the Solar Farm hits the market and is made available for purchase to the public.  So how does one gain access to this information when it is not made available to the public. Simply put, partner with the people developing Solar Farms.

One of the largest developers in the US is offering this opportunity to the right party.  The parent company of Solar Farms, LLC is (“ISS”) who is currently seeking a financial and strategic partner. The time to look at investing in Solar Farms is now; review this unique opportunity and get that early access to Premium Solar Farms.  ISS is seeking a partner to invest in a portfolio of 68 such Farms. This partner can not only expect up to a 2-3x return on their investment, but the opportunity to secure the Premium Farms before they hit the market. If the partner is strategic, and willing to fund the entire partnership, they will have preferred rights, including the right to purchase any Solar Farm out of the Portfolio at a discounted rate.

Not only will you gain access to this valuable information at the right time, but you get to secure your ownership of superior performing Farms at a discounted cost, creating a rate or return far superior than paying fair market value for an average performing Solar Farm.

ISS is seeking up $30MM to bring 68 Solar Farms through development.  The partners can expect up to a 2-3x return on their capital contributed to the Portfolio, and even more value on the projects within the portfolio they wish to pursue total ownership in.

For more information regarding this Solar Farm Project Opportunity, and other opportunities with Solar Farms, LLC, you may contact:

Mr. Craig Sherman, CFO  :  +1 828 767 1015
Email –

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